Introducing our wellbeing dog Keiko

On the eve of lockdown the school took ownership of our newest community member - a Wellbeing Dog.  Initiated by the SRC, the aim of this program is to further improve connectedness. The dog will foster links to learning throughout the school and help to develop socially adept, motivated,

respectful and compassionate students through positive interactions.

A naming competition was held to name our groodle (golden retriever x poodle). Students were invited to put forward names with an overwhelming response by our student body. Ultimately, 443 votes were cast online with the majority choosing the name “Keiko” (Japanese for ‘happy child’).  Congratulations to Jacqueline Gadea for winning the competition.

Keiko will be gradually acclimatised to our school environment with short visits initially.  She will have both staff and student handlers and will be predominantly housed in the Wellbeing Centre.  

Keiko has a beautiful temperament, and we look forward to her making our school an even happier place to be.

Petti HadzisavasWellbeing Coordinator