For the duration of Term 4, five Year 9 students (Emma Patching, Felicity Diaz-Edwards, Jackson Patching, Nicholas Allen, and Jonathan Gavran) have spent their time away from school and home to stay at the School for Student Leadership in Marlo, Victoria.

They have spent this time developing their leadership and interpersonal skills, whilst also having a lot of fun surfing, camping, and mountain biking (amongst other activities). We’re extremely proud of the leaders they are developing into, as well as having the courage to spend the time away from what is comfortable, in their pursuit of self-improvement. They will also be undertaking a Community Learning Project, investing time into bettering our wider community, which is centred around improving literacy of local primary school students. We can’t wait to see them when they return with their newfound skills and their commitment to improving our community!


William Dellas

Alpine School Coordinator