Book Week and Secret Powers

Our Book Week theme this year was “Reading is my secret power.” The Library was covered in comic book themes decorations and the book display focused on Super Powers and People Power. 

Students participated in lunchtime activities such as creating poems with found words for the Poetree, created a Manga Mural, disappeared under the invisibility cloak, folded origami sorting hats, faced ‘Would you rather?’ conundrums about their reading habits and tested their YA book knowledge with a Kahoot. 

Staff were treated to a morning tea with book themed treats and dressed up as their favourite book characters. 

Another big highlight was the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Great Book Swap coordinated by Ms Hobbs. This was a huge success and lots of fun.

Thanks to all of the staff and students who helped make Book Week a very special event. 

Special thanks to Ms Gardiner, Mr Leong, The library duty team consisting of Ms Hobbs, Ms Forster and Ms Gregory and student-teacher, Ms Georgiou. 

LaToya Donnellan