Crunching the numbers in Maths Week

Congratulations to all the students who got involved in Numeracy Week 2019. The rate of participation was better than ever. We had over 200 students try to guess the number of lollies in the jar with only one student who gave the correct answer (which was 324 lollies). Students of all year levels were involved in problem solving, maths quizzes, a rubics cube challenge, maths trivia and activities which ran every lunchtime in the library

 Numeracy Week revealed not only how students put mathematical skills to good use when solving problems but also how they used creative skills for activities like photography and origami.

Thank you to all staff involved in running the activities and also in motivating everyone to get involved in the lunchtime activities.  Thanks also go to the library staff for their help and support during the week.

 To all the students: we congratulate you for your efforts and really appreciate your good natured participation and enthusiasm.

Mrs L Bacak

Maths Coordinator


Origami- 1st: Annie Huynh 10E and Natalie Phan 10I  (joint construction)

                 2nd:  Makayla Nguyen 8J

                  3rd:  Vanessa Le  9J

 Photography-    Symmetry – Katie Vo, 7J
                           Tessellation – Vincent Nguyen, 8H
                           Sequences of Pattern – Yvonne Doan-Nguyen, 10I

Maths Relay-   1st: Vu Nguyen 8F             2nd:  Angelina Duong 10G

Rubics Cube-  Gordon Choo 11C  (12 seconds to complete the cube!)

Maths Stars Challenge-   Vincent Nguyen 8H

Maths trivia:        a large group of year 11 students followed closely by year 9’s

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