Dan Andrews’ announcement that senior students would be able to return to school on 26th May, was met by a resounding and collective sigh of relief from our Year 11 & 12 students and teachers.

Though we had kept in touch via Compass, Zoom, Google Meet and Padlet it was finally time to physically rejoin our community and return to some social and academic normalcy.

Year 12s were greeted back with an uplifting poster by their fellow students encouraging them to see the uniqueness of their circumstances and to rise to the challenge. A new kitchenette and the early arrival of the celebratory jackets has also helped maintain the spirits of the Year 12 cohort as they wait to hear dates for events like the formal, graduation and the new VCAA exam timetable.  

Returning to face-to-face schooling after months of remote and flexible learning has been relatively seamless.  Attendance has been outstandingly high and students have jumped right back into the rigour of school assessed tasks with some minor changes to cater for lost classtime.  Many seem to have a greater appreciation for circumstances they may have taken for granted before. Adjusting to the social distancing rules and the differences that apply to students, teachers and the general public has sometimes been challenging but we have all adapted to the new normal.  

Our community has demonstrated amazing resilience during this Covid19 experience. We congratulate our students for their determination and adaptability and recognise that these traits are essential for success - in secondary school and beyond. 

Ms Gadea - Senior Sub-School Leader