SEEK - Advanced Program

The Braybrook College Advanced Classes, known as S.E.E.K (Select Entry for Enrichment and Knowledge) are designed to cater for the educational needs of high achieving students.

Our program challenges students to perform at their very best in the four core subjects of Mathematics, English, Humanities and Science, as well as in a range of subjects which contribute to the breadth of their educational experience.

The program will require students to study more complex and abstract concepts in class with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills.

Students will remain in the Advanced Class until Year 10 if they continue to excel academically.

For further details regarding the Advanced Class please contact Ms Singleton or Ms De Silva on 9312 2900

Further InformationYEAR 7 SEEK 2021

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Student Comments
“This class has helped me become more mature.  I am more organised and hand in my work on time”

“I joined this class because I wanted to get the very best out of my education and work undisrupted.  So far I’ve made some great friends, and had lots of fun in so many activities”

“I wanted to do the course to challenge myself and work harder.  This course is a lot of work but I’ve improved a lot in my confidence”

“This course has given me a lot of pride and discipline.  I can relax, not stress and just use my intelligence instead”

“I’ve been in the advanced class for 2 years and I’ve learnt many different things than in a regular class.  This class will help me achieve my goal to go to university”

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