Advanced (SEEK) Program (Year 7 - 10) - Select Entry for Enrichment and Knowledge


Braybrook College is proud to offer a Year 7 Class especially designed to cater for the learning needs of the more academically talented students that adds to the wide variety of curriculum and co-curriculum opportunities already established.  The Select Entry for Enrichment and Knowledge (SEEK) Program encourages students to seek knowledge and skills so that they can achieve to their full potential.


The success of the program was evident last year when 11 of the SEEK students achieved an ATAR score over 90 and 21 SEEK students recieved an ATAR over 80. One of these students was the dux of the college and she recieved an ATAR of 99.05.


Expectation of Students

Students should be hard working and capable of performing at the top of a normal class.  Our selection process allows us to assess the suitability of applicants.


Placement in the program is a privilege and students must make a commitment to perform at their best.  Work expectations will be greater than in a mainstream class.  


Student Performance

The progress of students will be monitored by the class room teachers and the Program Coordinator.  Students must maintain the necessary academic performance to remain in the program.  Students unable to perform will be returned to the mainstream classroom program after consultation with parents and teachers.


Students will remain in the program until Year 10 and if they meet certain criteria they will be offered some VCE subject choices.


Aims of the Program

Students will:

  Develop deeper-thinking  skills and problem-solving skills

  Work independently and in a team

  Show initiative and  organisation

  Take up the opportunity for enrichment, challenge and self-motivation.


Year 7 Course Structure

All Year 7 students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects including Art, Drama, Physical Education and Music.  We also offer numerous co-curriculum activities including sport and camps. Core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities will be enriched.


Selection Process for Students

Students entering Braybrook College at Year 7 (refer to the College website for the General Enrolment Policy) have the opportunity to apply for our SEEK Program.  Acceptance into the SEEK Program is based on multiple sources of information, including the ACER test results, previous reports and NAPLAN results.  In order to apply for the SEEK program, the following process will occur:


  Submit the Application Form to the College

  Sit an external ACER examination at Braybrook College

  Attend an interview at the college (only students who have achieved the required standard on the ACER test will be selected for this stage)

  A successful interview will confirm acceptance into the program

  Parents will receive the results of the examination and notification if their child has been successful

  25 Students will be selected for the Year 7 class, with some selected to be on standby


Further details can be obtained directly from  Braybrook College by contacting:  

Ms K. Singleton - Program Coordinator on 9312 2900

Applications are now closesd for 2024
SEEK BrochureYEAR 7 SEEK 2024

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

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Student Comments
“This class has helped me become more mature.  I am more organised and hand in my work on time”

“I joined this class because I wanted to get the very best out of my education and work undisrupted.  So far I’ve made some great friends, and had lots of fun in so many activities”

“I wanted to do the course to challenge myself and work harder.  This course is a lot of work but I’ve improved a lot in my confidence”

“This course has given me a lot of pride and discipline.  I can relax, not stress and just use my intelligence instead”

“I’ve been in the advanced class for 2 years and I’ve learnt many different things than in a regular class.  This class will help me achieve my goal to go to university”

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