English as an Additional Language

Students in this photo are using a C Pen Reader in their class, which is technology

that allows them to hear text read aloud and that also has a built-in dictionary.


Braybrook College has an extensive EAL program for students who are new to the English language. We have students from many non-English speaking backgrounds and qualified EAL staff to support them.

Our faculty aims to develop and improve the English language skills of non-English speaking background students. We focus on the areas of speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing. The students progress through the EAL stages which is the pathway of development for students learning English as an Additional Language. Students who are new to the English language usually begin secondary college at Stage 1 and progress through to Stage 4.

Courses Offered
Year 7 & 8
Usually two/three withdrawal classes offered (4 periods per week during English class time). Classes are grouped into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Year 9 & 10
5 periods per week withdrawn during English class time PLUS elective offering of 4 periods EAL. For beginners, two electives may be replaced with EAL electives. One elective of EAL is offered in each of three blocks and grouped into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Three Year VCE
Year 11 over two years – in the first year, three EAL support classes offered for newly arrived students (2 years or less of EAL usually) in addition to choosing three Year 11 subjects including a VET subject. In the second year, five or six Year 11 subjects (including EAL) and/or a Year 12 subject. Year 12 is as usual with EAL.

Year 11 & 12
Five periods of EAL withdrawal instead of English class.

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