This study aims to develop competence in the understanding and use of English for a variety of purposes, including meeting the demands of employment, further education and participating in society. It involves reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking. It values student diversity and particularly encourages learning in which students take responsibility for their language development and thus grow in confidence and in language skill and understanding.

The English Faculty offers Journalism and Literature studies as an elective subject at Year 10, and Literature as a VCE subject at Years 11 and 12.


Year 7-10
Students develop their skills within the VELS framework.  In class, students work individually and in groups to study novels and other texts, participate in oral presentations and class discussions, write creative peices, improve their grammer and fluency, and analyse issues in the media

Year 11
The focus is to independently read and respond critically and meaningfully to a range of texts.  Students are expected to participate in class discussions, group work, and individual tasks as well as oral presentations.  There is an emphasis on essay writing, experimenting with various styles of writing, understanding purpose and audience.

Year 12
The focus is the development of critical responses to both print and non-print texts, including media texts.  Students will have to speak confidently and persuasively in front of an audience.  Furthermore, students will have to write competently and confidently for different purposes and audiences in a variety of forms.

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