This study focuses on the processing of data and the management of information to meet a range of individual and societal purposes.  Students learn to use information technology and also learn about its capacities, scope and limitations.  This study aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices, both at a personal level and within the workplace, about the nature of future developments and directions within this challenging and exciting field.

ICT at Braybrook College encompases four specialist elective subjects from Years 9 to 12. The ICT subjects at the College have been designed to meet the requirements of the Digital Technologies subject of the Victorian Curriculum at Years 9 and 10, and the VCE Computing Study Design at Years 11 and 12.

Year 9 – IT: Computer Science
In IT: Computer Science, students learn about theoretical and practical skills relating to fundamental computer science concepts. This subject aims to prepare students with the thinking and problem solving skills required to excel in 21st century industries, where students create, rather than consume, media, software and interactive content. Students will also be given the opportunity to participate in a number of external programs and competitions, such as the National Computer Science Schools Challenge, and the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge.

Main topic areas include:

  • Computer Science – binary data, algorithms, encryption and user interfaces
  • Network hardware and the internet
  • Coding using JavaScript

Year 10 – IT: Coding and Design
Students undertaking this subject will develop both theoretical and practical skills relating to many aspects of C# (‘C Sharp’) coding using the Unity3D engine. Content covered includes basic scripting of object interactions, physics, graphics and 3D modelling. Students will then work to design and develop an interactive application as their final project.

Students are not required to have completed Year 9 IT: Computer Science to undertake this subject.

Main topic areas include:

  • Coding using C#
  • Development of interactive applications using Unity and Visual Studio
  • Design processes

Year 11 – VCE Computing
Unit 1: Students focus on how to represent data graphically using infographics and spreadsheets. Students will also learn about wired and wireless networks, and how to use the Problem Solving Methodology to solve problems digitally.

Unit 2: Students focus on learning the fundamentals of programming, using the C# programming language. The use of pseudocode and mock-ups to help design software is also covered.

Year 12 – VCE Software Development
Unit 3: Student focus on continued development of their programming skills using C#, including standard algorithms used for searching, sorting and working with data. Students also complete the first half of the School Assessed Task – the analysis of a problem and design of the software to solve it.

Unit 4: Students focus on developing the solution designed during Unit 3, while also looking at the dependencies between two information systems.

Pathways to tertiary study
Students undertaking ICT electives at Braybrook College will be well prepared for further study at University or TAFE in a number of areas including Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Software Development, Web

Development, Engineering, and Network Administration.

For further information, contact:
Mr. Cooper
ICT Faculty coordinator

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