Our college prides itself on the opportunities given to our students in the area of Co-Curriculum.  Co-Curriculum refers to the activities which are offered to the students outside of the classroom. These activities are highly valued and strongly encouraged at our college.

We believe our Co-Curriculum program:

  • Provides a framework for many leadership opportunities.
  • Establishes positive relationships between staff and students which can enhance formal classroom situations.
  • Provides valuable experiences, especially for the social and behavioural development of students.
  • Gives access to experiences which may be otherwise unavailable to students.

A big part of our Co-Curricular program is our House System, where students are allocated to one of four houses. Students earn points for their houses whenever they participate in a Co-Curricular activity, such as going on a camp, playing in a sporting team or being part of the SRC. At the end of the year, we have a House Awards ceremony where we celebrate individual House Champions, and an overall House Group winner. Students that have contributed to the Co-Curricular program are also given a certificate within their end of year report.

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