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In 2005, the College introduced a House System aimed at providing a structure to improve student leadership opportunities and competencies such as working in teams, problem solving and communications skills.
In 2013 we changed from six houses groups to four. Throughout the year, friendly competition takes place between the houses as students and staff earn points by participating in different activities including swimming sports, athletic events, performance afternoons, and reading competitions just to name a few. Points are accumulated and the winning House is announced at the end of the year. Exemplary student efforts are also recognised with many individual awards presented. 

This friendly competition helps establish positive relationships between staff and students and between students of different year levels, resulting in a greater feeling of pride, unity and community within the student body.

Current house points (3/3/20)

Centaur 278

Gryphon 248

Phoenix 230

Pegasus 179


Centaur House


Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!


From the moment a year 7 student walks into their very first Centaur house meeting, it is a privilege to be able to share with them our past, present, and future. As students grow, we hope their connectedness to our house, our school and its programs also grow, so that they flourish as well rounded, motivated, and proud citizens of Centaur house and the wider Braybrook community.


At Centaur we pride ourselves on having a go, giving our best, striving for success in all co-curricular activities such as challenges, swimming, athletics, team sports, camps, music, and drama. We wear our emblem and colour with pride, as it is our belief in who we are as a team and what we strive to become, which allows us to achieve personal growth and team success.


In 2019 we dared to dream and achieved the ultimate success. In what was a very unique year in the history of the house competition, students in Centaur excelled, particularly at the swimming and Athletics Carnivals as well as the boat building competition, which became the building blocks and cornerstones to our success.


In 2020 we started the year with another fantastic performance at the swimming carnival, however, we understand that there are far greater challenges to overcome this year. In uncertain times, nothing has been more certain, that every co-curriculum opportunity that presents itself, the students in Centaur house will take it with both hands.    


2020 House Captains and Leaders


House Captains: Emily Nguyen 11H & Jacqueline Gadea 11H

Vice Captains: Jennifer Phan 10E & Louis Luu 10E

House Leaders (Teachers): Mr Martino & Mr Spiteri


Phoenix House
We are Phoenix. This means more.
Within Phoenix house this year, we have chosen to focus on the environment. With the many concerns surrounding climate change and sustainability, we are striving to implement a more environmentally conscious culture within our Phoenix members. We have all taken on the challenge of seeking out strategies such as avoiding the use of single use plastics and being more aware of our consumption. 
We continually aim to strengthen the culture and sense of family/ unity within our meetings and events. Our house captains and vice-captains have been very involved with this and without them, it wouldn’t be the same! This year, we have Sarah Kessegian from 11C and Tighun Nguyen from 11C as our house captains (who were our vice-captains previously in 2019). We also have Cindy Nguyen of 10D and Quynh Tran from 10J as our vice-captains this year. Our house captains and vice-captains have contributed so much to the house with their brilliant ideas and energy! 
Despite the many interruptions due to covid-19, we will continue to stay active and united during this difficult time. 

2020 House Captains and Leaders


House Captains:  Tighun Nguyen 11C & Sarah Kessegian  11C

Vice Captains : Quynh Tran 10J & Cindy Nguyen 10D

House Leaders (Teachers): Luciana Nguyen & Con Lekakis


Gryphon House


Get active! Go, Gryphon!


The house system at Braybrook is more than competition or pride - it’s our school identity. 


Our captains Liam Gillies & Cherry Thang Eng and vice-captains Israel Vailoa & Brendon Ho lead our House with enthusiasm and passion, meeting regularly to plan fun and rewarding events for our (loud and passionate) House. 


Gryphon demonstrates good sportsmanship when playing against other Houses. We still respect the other teams whether we win or lose, shaking hands and becoming friends with our opponents is a priority for us. 


Gryphon is a loud, passionate house. We never give up.


Gryphon is always vehement and motivated when facing challenges of different kinds such as sports and academic events. We will never give up and we always give it our best shot in order to achieve great heights and reach our goals to win. 


2020 House Captains and Leaders


Captains: Liam Gillies & Cherry Thang Eng

Vice Captains: Israel Vailoa & Brendon Ho

House Leaders (Teachers): Mr Salfate & Ms Holt

Pegasus House


What’s the time? Time to fly!

Pegasus House students are creating a sense of inclusion and belonging for every student as we build from strength to strength in 2020.

This year we strive once again to be the loudest house at Braybrook College and come together as one soaring Pegasus. For every person wearing blue, this house is about more than just the swimming and athletics carnival, it is about creating a safe space where every student’s voice matters and is valued. In 2019 cooperation and teamwork were keys to our successes, particularly our first placed Pegasus float, and we aim to continue to work together to demonstrate Braybrook College’s core values for the years to come. This year we have put an emphasis on enjoyment and engagement which is seeing our house captains working tirelessly to get even the most reluctant of our members waving the Pegasus flag with pride.

Our amazing House Captains Alfatonia Joe and Vaiui Penaia have been working harder than ever leading the house at assemblies and encouraging each and every Pegasus student to be the best they can be.
Our year 10 Vice Captains Adina Celik and Serena Penaia have taken on the challenge this year and are already proving to be leaders that Pegasus House can be proud of.


Now we look to 2020 with great optimism to continue to the fly the Pegasus flag with pride and build a house we can all be proud of.


What’s the time? Time to fly!


2020 House Captains and Leaders


Captains:   Isabela Raymundo & Vaiui Penaia

Vice Captains:     Serena Penaia & Adina Celik

House Leaders (Teachers): Mr D. Spiteri & Mr Fewster



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