Student Representative Council


Braybrook College's SRC is the voice of the students. We are a member of the Victorian Student Representative Council, the peak body representing school aged students in Victoria.

Welcome to Braybrook College’s Student Representative Council (SRC). A place of leadership, student voice, opportunities and lots of fun. The SRC is open to everyone and welcoming of new members.

The SRC is an active body in the school community involving students from all year levels. The SRC aims to organise social events, fundraise, improve student facilities, promote an inclusive school culture and most of all provide a voice for all students. We have representatives on School Council and are regularly consulted by the College.

Each member of the SRC works in a Portfolio. Portfolios are the backbone of the SRC. They suggest and implement new ideas and create change.


SRC 2020


Education and Maintenance focuses the perspective of student’s education, as well as how we can update and make the most of school facilities. We talk about how students can improve on their studying skills and as well provide assistance if needed. We provide a way for students to directly have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Fundraising focuses on raising money and showing support to charities that we deeply care for, by holding events around the school for the students to enjoy. We aim to do our part for the school, local and global community.

Wellbeing covers the health and happiness of students. Activities and programs encourage students to seek teachers or other organisations to address issues. Furthermore, we aim to build connections between the students and the College, promoting a positive school culture.

Social Events is all about organizing activities for students to interconnect and interact with each from different year levels. We hold a range of competitions for each level and lunchtime and afterschool activities.

Environment exists for one very simple, but highly challenging goal: “To preserve and maintain balance in the environment in which we grow, work and learn in.” Our immense efforts and dedication are vital into establishing a cleaner and more sustainably friendly community, where all students and teachers can challenge themselves in the best possible climate. It is our duty to bring pride to Braybrook College, and our duty to keep the future open for younger generations to explore and endure.

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