Staff and students at Braybrook College are active participants in the school’s environment program. With an increasing focus on climate change, the College has identified numerous areas in which the school can become more sustainable, and has received recognition for its efforts over the years. Some of our achievements in sustainability:

  • Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)
  • Water – Learn It! Live It! – Silver Level
  • SaveWater Awards 2011: Finalist
  • ResourceSmart Awards 2012: Finalist
  • ResourceSmart Awards 2013: Finalist
  • Core Module of AuSSI-Vic completed
  • Staff and Student Environment Committee
  • Monitoring of data via SETS website (School Environment Tracking System)
  • Mobile Phone Recycling with Mobile Muster
  • Resource Smart Awards Finalist 2020
  • Battery Recycling
  • Library Environment and Sustainability Book Displays


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