Commerce is viewed as the foundation of society – without law there would be chaos, without economics societies and governments could not properly function, and without business very few people would have a livelihood. This subject area aims to provide students with the content and skills to develop a career in various fields, such as Law, Accounting, Business, Economics and Administration, along with the basis for further study in these areas. Studying Commerce gives students opportunities to experience these industries from the classroom, while also providing the foundation to become more active members of the community.

Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities facilitated by Commerce. These include the Business Stalls week during Term 2, along with excursions to the Law Courts and the RMIT “I Belong” sessions, among others.

Subjects available in the commerce faculty include

  • Year 9: Law, Career Education, Keyboarding and Business Administration, Introduction to Commerce
  • Year 10: Accounting, Law-
  • VCE: Legal Studies, Accounting, Business Management, Economics