Wellbeing at Braybrook College, We know that students learn best and flourish when they feel respected, safe, connected and valued as members of our community.

We are a government school that recognises that students flourish when they have access to support, leadership, inclusion, student voice and partnerships. We work with our families to ensure we meet the social, emotional and wellbeing needs of our students. We promote a sense of self and the importance of others that comes with being in a community.
Our approach to wellbeing is based on the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework, positive learning classroom experiences and that successful learning develops one's wellbeing. At Braybrook College, we believe that the connection between learning and student wellbeing is interwoven and we need to harness these attributes to grow our young people. The proactive approaches are intended to give the students a sense of belonging, educate them about the choices they make and nurture the self-esteem they each need to live fully.


The sense of belonging that underpins healthy relationships and self-esteem in our school begins with a Year Seven Peer Support Program that links students to Year Eleven mentors. Throughout year, students have the opportunity to participate in Fright Night, Links, Sleepovers and a Breakfast Program. As students progress through the school they have further opportunities to join the Student Representative Council, Leaders of Leadership, Wavelength, the Power Collective, and Wellbeing events.



Our Wellbeing Centre, situated in the heart of the school, promotes emotional wellbeing. Within the Wellbeing Centre we have individual and group counselling spaces. Individual counselling, coupled with group programs, designed to meet the broad needs of some our students.

Our College is mindful of the need for more targeted wellbeing intervention at some points in the journey of adolescence. There is a dynamic and responsive Wellbeing team made up of a Wellbeing Coordinator, two school Psychologists, two Mental Health Practitioners, a Health Promotion Nurse, Anti Bullying and Harassment Contact, Equal Opportunity Coordinator, Health Contact person, a Koorie Support Officer, a Nurse and a Doctor. Their expertise offers students and family members accessible support within our community.

Student are free to seek support via confidential counselling sessions on site. The expertise of the Wellbeing Team further extends the training and skills of our teaching and support staff in nurturing the wellbeing of all our students.



Petti Hadzisavas
Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Maya Obucina-Ho



Slade KathervelooPsychologist

Souher Mohamad
Mental Health Practitioner


Bernadette Ghattas 

Mental Health Practitioner


Tessy Bazzano
Speech Pathologist

Jenni Albrecht
Health Nurse


Steven Markwick

Intergration Coordinator

Virginia Hobbs
Equal Opportunity Coordinator

Abel Salfate
Drug Education/Health Contact


Erin Mclean

Anti Harrasment Contact


Tyrone Paris

Koorie Support Coodinator


April Waleryszek

Student Engagement Officer


Kirsten Scott


Dat Le



Wellbeing Dog



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