Student Achievements

Congratulations to all our 2019 Year 12 students

The College is very proud of the graduating class of 2019 who achieved outstanding VCE results.  There are numerous statistics I could quote, but I will concentrate on just a few.

First, our All Study VCE median score was 30 – and just a whisker away from being a 31.  This is a number often used to indicate how a school has performed.  The average throughout all educational sectors (Government, Private and Catholic) is 30, so to be consistently achieving at or above this is a credit to our whole school community – students, teachers, support staff and families.

Another impressive figure is the 18 students who achieved ATARs above 90.  There are so many in this category this year that we are having trouble fitting their photos on to our achievement boards and into the newsletter – what an agreeable problem to have!  A further 25 students got ATARs in the 80s, giving a total of 43 students in the top 20% of the state.

Almost 98% of our students who applied for a tertiary place received an offer.  In fact, there were 149 tertiary offers through VTAC as well as a number of direct offers made to Braybrook College students.  The most popular university amongst our students this year is clearly RMIT (58 students electing to study there), followed by Monash University (25 students) then the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Swinburne each having 17 Braybrook College students choosing to enrol in their various courses.

While we wish to congratulate all our graduating students, special mention must go to our 2019 Dux, Thanh PHAM who achieved an ATAR of 99.7 and has chosen to study Optometry at Deakin University.  She has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship which will cover 50% of her fees for the duration of her course.  Thanh has had a well-deserved, extended overseas holiday over the summer.  Upon her return, she will be presented as our 2019 Dux at a College Assembly and will be asked to speak to the school community about her great VCE results.   Our other top performing students were Kevin Hoang (ATAR - 98.8) and Timothy Han (ATAR – 98.7).

I can already see our 2020 Year 12 students striving to match the outstanding efforts of their predecessors.  The class of 2019’s results did the College proud – it remains to be seen whether this year’s cohort can out do them.


Congratulations to the Braybrook College Class of 2019.

Arlene Bailey - Assistant Principal

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